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Pin Points is a new service for parents brought to you by the National Drug Prevention Alliance, recognising the large number of queries received on all aspects of Britain’s drug problems. There is no charge for this service, but we survive by donations, which are always welcome - and sensibly used.

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Very few of us know much about drugs - what they are and what they do, who they affect, and in what way. Information is more often than not conflicting, and the technical language used just confuses the reader even more. This is why we are publishing Pin Points. Our aim is to give the general community basic information in plain words. We will add further pin points from time to time, and we may need to amend information, as new knowledge comes to light, but for now we will start with a few sections to give you a basic briefing on the subjects - drugs, parents, prevention and community.

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What is a Drug?

Anything that alters the way you think, feel or act. Can be a natural substance or a synthetic one.

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For Parents

You may think your children are at risk from drugs. Sadly, any child from any family can become caught up in using drugs. Here is a lot of information to help parents.

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Prevention Strategies

Everybody knows Prevention is better than cure! Click here to learn about prevention.

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Community Ideas

Who should be involved? Everybody! Families, friends schools, workplaces, media the whole of society is part of the solution to the drugs problem.