Try looking in the monthly archives. June 2016

The following sayings came to us from a Prevention Worker and are very pertinent to the situation around drugs.


If I am not home accepting the things I cannot change, I am out trying to change those things I cannot accept.


“Children see the drugs, but not the harm. Adults see the harm, but not the drugs.” Please help […]

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It’s not your jeans that matter – it’s your genes

Regular marijuana users with a specific version of a particular gene, AKT1 have increased risk of psychosis.
You may know that smoking marijuana can pose risks for a person’s physical health and brain development, especially for teens. But did you know that, […]

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Establish family rules that make the use of drugs non-negotiable.

Educate yourself about drugs so you can talk informatively with your children and answer their questions.

Since peer pressure is a major factor in teen drug use, know your children’s friends.

Talk with other […]

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