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Advice for Parents – Is your child using drugs?

Here are some of the signs that may indicate your child is using drugs:
. Money is stolen from purses left around, or from money left out to
pay tradesmen.
. Child asks to borrow money in advance of allowance – […]

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8 Steps to Help your chld say “No” to Drugs

1.   Talk with your child about alcohol and other drugs.
2.   Really listen to your child
3.   Praise often;  if need to, criticize the action not the child.
4.    Help your child with peer pressure.  Teach how to resist.
5.   Make family rules […]

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Twelve Steps Of Alcoholics Anonymous Infographic

Twelve Steps Of Alcoholics Anonymous Infographic
Alcoholics Anonymous is a well-respected sobriety group that has helped millions of people across the country beat alcohol addiction. It achieves this goal through the the 12-Step process. This process utilizes 12 different aspects that […]

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