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Legal marijuana might reduce pain, but increases injuries & car accidents


The legalization of recreational marijuana is associated with an increase in its abuse, injury due to overdoses and car accidents, according to a study of 28million hospital records by University of California San Francisco.


The legalization of recreational marijuana is associated with an […]

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Linked: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Health + Addiction

Is addiction a biological disease that is driven by environmental factors or not


Posted Mar 11, 2019

It will come as no surprise to you that childhood trauma, particularly unresolved trauma, can lead to mental health issues and addiction later in life. While less was known […]

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Marijuana found in breast milk up to six days after use

Researchers report 63 percent of breast milk samples from mothers using marijuana contained traces of the drug.


With the legalization of marijuana in several states, increased use for both medicinal and recreational purposes has been documented in pregnant and breastfeeding women. […]

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Psychosis linked to cannabis use

One in six cases of psychosis are linked to cannabis use, claims psychiatric expert


Professor Robin Murray said that smoking cannabis is linked to psychosisHe said 50,000 people have the condition due to smoking cannabis as teenagers  His comments follow a renewed […]

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