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Advice for Parents – Is your child using drugs?

Here are some of the signs that may indicate your child is using drugs:
. Money is stolen from purses left around, or from money left out to
pay tradesmen.
. Child asks to borrow money in advance of allowance – and then does
not pay it back.
. Valuable personal posessions like watches, rings, cd players,
cameras disappear – if challenged reply is they have been lent to
a friend.
. Membership of clubs like sports groups, uniformed groups lapses
and new friends are often much older.
. Seems anxiously awaiting phone call – then leaves house at once
and comes back quickly.
. Use of air freshener in bedroom – open windows even in winter.
. Sunglasses worn a lot to hide red rimmed eyes, uses eye drops.
. Posters and clothing with pro drug slogans are common.
. Approves of media articles suggesting legalisation of drugs.
. Mood swings noticeable, high to low, low to high, quick
. Extreme thirst, eats lots of sweets and chocolates.
. Stays up late – cannot sleep, wanders around house. Oversleeps.
. Is late home from school – says going to meet friend, going to
library after school.
. Becomes secretive, refuses to say where going, resents
. Tells parents “don’t hassle me. It’s my life” etc.
. School grades drop, homework neglected, plays truant.
. Talks of leaving school/college early.
. Loses weight; becomes hyperactive, neglects personal hygiene
. Oversize Rizla cigarette papers found in bedroom or pockets.
. Spends more time in bedroom – demands privacy and no tidying
. relationships with family deteriorate; siblings often know of
Favourite hiding places for drugs: pockets of clothes in wardrobes
or drawers, battery compartment of CD’s or radios, taped to back of pictures or underside of drawers.

Some of the physical problems associated with drug use include:
conjunctivitis, bronchitis, coughs, weight loss, paranoia, acute indigestion, nose bleeds, extreme thirst, loss of appetite, pupils enlarged or pin prick size, runny nose, flushed cheeks or grey pallor, sleep problems, hallucinations, loss of appetite.