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For Kids

If you are offered marijuana, think about:
1) The person who is giving it to you. Does this person really care about you? Can you trust this person with your life, if you have a panic attack or poisoning?
2) Your brain is still developing until age 25. Why take risks with a substance that can change the structure of your brain — the learning ability, the memory, and the ability to organize tasks? If someone used marijuana at your age and appears unharmed by it, there’s no way to predict the same for you.
3) There is not a way to predict who will become addicted to pot or have problems arising from pot use, but we know the risks are strongest for those who try it below age 18. We don’t know which ones — who begin with pot — will go to more dangerous drugs, but we do know that nearly all serious drug abusers began their drug usage with pot.
4) Is trying marijuana worth the mental health risks?
Pot is known to cause psychosis — which cigarettes cannot do. Marijuana affects memory, can lower IQ and has a correlation with schizophrenia. Cigarettes don’t effect mental health.
5) Why do marijuana promoters claim it’s not addictive? Lady Gaga said she had a terrible marijuana addiction and many people who have gone into rehab claim they were addicted to pot. (Denial is a symptom of addiction.)
6) Marijuana disappoints many people and does not live up to its claims.
7) Why risk your future? Tobacco smoking takes years off the end of your life, while marijuana can prevent you from maturing into adult life and knowing how to function without a crutch. Think about it.
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Source: http://www.stoppot.org/kids/ February 2018