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Indirect Links – a caution

Before we add a site to our collection of links, we make every effort to ensure the site has similar philosophies, acceptable content, and commitment to accuracy – as does NDPA.  But these sites may in turn link onward to other sites, and some of these indirect links may not be in harmony with our outlook.  Please, therefore, do not assume that any site to which we are linked, particularly indirectly, is automatically O.K. by us!

Links sometimes do not work either because:

    a)   The website no longer exists

    b)   The link to the original article has been deleted

    c)   The link to the original article has changed

If you discover that a link below no longer works, would you be so kind as to use the message form on our ‘Contact’ webpage to advise us of the inoperative link’s webpage title and category.  Thank you.


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