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Twelve Steps Of Alcoholics Anonymous Infographic

Alcoholics Anonymous is a well-respected sobriety group that has helped millions of people across the country beat alcohol addiction. It achieves this goal through the the 12-Step process. This process utilizes 12 different aspects that are designed to help you understand your problem and to look to a higher power for help. The focus of the 12-Step process is understanding that you are no longer in control of your life and need help from a higher power.

That kind of structure is crucial towards regaining a permanent and life-long sobriety. Essentially, you are giving your life over to something bigger than yourself. Many people in the program refer to that power as “God,” whether they are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Muslim. However, even atheists or agnostics can achieve success in the 12-Step program as long as they are willing to sincerely put in the effort to succeed.

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